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One to one session

One to one session



Lets talk Film, Photography and then how I can help you.

Whether you are new to film or have shot for a while I now feel like i'm at a point in my career where I can comfortably give good advice.


Covering everything from

- Film basics

- Cameras and lenses 

- Portraits 

- Landscapes and travel

- Story telling and image sequencing

- Editing

- Instagram 

- How I shoot

- Client outreach 


Sessions ran on Zoom or Facetime

Each session will be 1hour and 30mins long... Roughly.

I wont ever be in a rush to end it and at a max ill call time at like 2 hours.


After purchase

I will be in contact via email within 24 hours


DM me on instagram with the first line as "One to One'


After sorting communication we will organise a time which suits us both. Aiming for it to be within the week.


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